By submitting payment/engaging this service, you agree to the following policies:


Payment must be received by Pet Behaviour Solutions before or during a consultation.

Cancellations/missed appointments

Pet Behaviour Solutions will only be responsible for making up consultations that are cancelled by Pet Behaviour Solutions. Pet Behaviour Solutions must be provided with at least 48 hours notice to cancel a consultation. Clients who provide less than 48 hours notice or miss their appointment will be charged a minimum cancellation fee of $75+HST.


All pets present for a behavioural consultation must be up to date on vaccinations and/or titres as recommended by your veterinarian and required by law.

Code of conduct/equipment

No harsh corrections (e.g., verbal or collar corrections) or aversive tools/approaches (e.g., martingales, slip, choke, prong, or shock collars) will be permitted. Safety and/or training equipment (e.g., muzzles, body harnesses, head collars, crates) may be required for dogs with an elevated risk of biting, pulling, and/or lunging.

Photo and video release

Clients agree to release ownership of photographs and videos to Pet Behaviour Solutions for promotional and/or educational purposes.

Acknowledgement of risk and waiver for damages and/or injury

Behaviour consultation services are not without risk to pets, property, owners or other people. Pet Behaviour Solutions is not responsible for any injury to or destruction of any person, animal or property at the time of service or in the future. The client expressly assumes the risk of any damage or injury incurred to any person, animal or property as a result of a behaviour consultation conducted by Pet Behaviour Solutions. The client agrees to waive, indemnify and release Pet Behaviour Solutions, Jenilee Gobin, and any other parties associated with any service provided, from any and all liability claims of any nature, and for property damages or bodily injury, including death. The client agrees to disclose any and all training, behavioural and health problems or concerns at the time of consultation and agrees to assume all responsibility for the actions of their pet(s) at the time of service and in the future. The client understands that Pet Behaviour Solutions makes no guarantee of results for the services provided. The client agrees to pay all fees at the time requested.

By submitting payment/engaging the service, the client agrees to have read, understand and consent to the content of this policy and waiver. These policies are subject to change without notice.